Projects & Industrial Engineering’s strategy has been to supply knowledge and expertise in feasibility studies and Balance of Plant infrastructure, and bulk materials handling, storage and logistics.


Storage is a major component within this sector. Projects & Industrial Engineering’s primary product offering is the concrete and steel structural design, detail and construction in foundations for silos, warehouses and terminal buildings.

Design, detail, construction and commissioning of Civil & Structural works for bulk plant services support and infrastructure including roads, drainage systems including storm water & effluent control, bulk earthworks platforms and foundation design, HIVAC and ventilation systems, and finally electrical capacity installations and upgrades.


Design, detail, construction of concrete and steel structural infrastructure for foundations of smelting plants, process plants, milling plants, conditioning plants, and extrusion plants.

Bulk materials handling product offerings include design and detailing of transfer tower foundations, various conveyor structures including long overland conveyors, pipe conveyors, shuttle conveyors, gravitational chutes, feedstock systems, stockpile management, reclaim systems including stackers and declaimers, sampling plants, and finally blending of stacked product systems.

The logistical components offered by Projects & Industrial Engineering within the industrial sector is the within plant including installation and upgrade of rail sidings, roads, and traffic control systems.